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Electric Car Battery Charging

The world of electric vehicle charging and power generation is vast, but most of us will have the same hand-full of questions. Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions and enjoy the free downloadable resources.

Types of EVs

What are the different types of electric vehicles?

Document image of Type of EVs pdf



Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HEVs are typically referred to as “hybrids”. Hybrids do not have the ability to plug in and recharge from the grid. They have both an engine and electric motor.



Battery Electric Vehicle

BEVs are also known as All-Electric Vehicles (AEV) or just electric vehicles. They are powered solely by an electric battery, with no gas engine parts.



Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

The biggest difference between a regular hybrid and a plug-in hybrid is that the plug-ins have larger batteries and can be plugged in to charge the batteries.

3 questions to ask yourself when trying to decide what type of vehicle to purchase:

1. What kind of range do I need?
2. How available are charging stations where I travel and live?
3. What can I afford?

EV Terms

What does that mean?
EV Terms Explained

Making sense of terminology describing electric vehicles can be a little daunting. Take a look at some of the more  commonly used terms and jargon that you might come across.

PDF includes a brief description of:

  • Horsepower vs. Kilowatts

  • Kilowatt-hours

  • MPG vs. MPGe

  • Mileage Range Rating

Document image of EV Terms Explained pdf
EV Window Sticker

Looking at EVs? What does that stuff mean on the window sticker?

Document Image of EV window stickers pdf

When you look at electric vehicles at a car dealership, there is a sticker on the window filled with information. The EV window sticker label includes details of the vehicle such as fuel efficiency, fuel costs, greenhouse gas and smog ratings, and other additional items.

The PDF explains what each item on the sticker refers to.

car lot
How This Works

I think I want to move forward.
How does this process work? What's involved? What do I need to do or decide?

Sometimes you just want to know the steps involved to answer these questions:

  • What can I expect?

  • How does this work?

  • What's involved to go from talking, to up and running?

  • What do I need to do?

  • Are their financing options?

The PDF explains each of these 7 steps in the process:

  1. Project Consultation

  2. Contractor Selection

  3. Site Assessment

  4. Project Approval

  5. Install Charging Stations

  6. Setup Pricing & Access

  7. Open Stations

document image of how this works pdf
EV Sales

Are people really buying EVs?
Short answer- Yes!

When you read or hear about the numbers, it never seems like much. However, those small numbers are increasing at a very fast rate.

Dig into the details!

  • How the numbers are climbing

  • Used EVs becoming more available

  • Battery powered recreational vehicles

document image of ev sales pdf
Range Anxiety

What factors can affect range?
EV Range Anxiety

The average range for new EVs is around 260 miles of range and extending all the time. This is a huge improvement over the early models that only could offer 100 miles of range or under. However, these ranges are estimates and do not reflect real-world variables that affect range. 

Real-World Variables:

  • Speed

  • Heavy Cargo

  • Hills

  • Temperature


Download a full description and 4 tips to minimize the effects of range loss.

document image of range anxiety pdf
More resources will become available as more questions are asked!

Do you have a question?

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